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In order to be a customer-focused business that meets both their immediate and long-term demands, Citizen Plastic Industries will consistently improve total quality in every area of its plastic container, rigid packaging, and injection-molded product businesses. We have put in place a quality management system to guarantee "total customer satisfaction," and we're dedicated to enhancing its efficacy over time through technical innovation, skill development, and the committed teamwork of all personnel. The largest selection of packaging products for practically every imaginable use is provided by Citizen Plastic Industries. These packaging items are used for the export of chemicals, lubricants, oils, specialties, dyes and auxiliaries, pharmaceuticals, processed foods, etc. and adhere to the strictest standards for storage, handling, and transportation. Our business offers users assistance with packaging development, standardization, handling methods, and expertise.

Shop No.1, N-Wing, Vardhaman Nagar
Bhakti Marg, Mulund(W), Mumbai 400080
+91 98190 14149
+91 93238 44788
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